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Making Your Sorority
Stand Out
From the Crowd

Aflex USA provides high quality custom athleisure wear - perfect for anyone looking to show off their sorority spirit on campus. Work with our skilled designers to get the perfect look for your chapter’s unique leggings.


American-made athleisure

Located in sunny California, we have the team, designers and experience to create effortless silhouettes that celebrate the female figure.


Design your own

Whether your chapter has a skilled artist or not, we’ll work with you! Give us your design or an idea and our staff designers will make sure you love it.

There is no obligation to purchase if you don’t like the design.


Virtual Demo

Within days, our team will send you a virtual mock up of your leggings. We’ll take any feedback and make revisions as necessary.


Place Order

After you’re satisfied with the design, place the order. We make sure our made in USA leggings are affordable for all sorority chapters. We only require a 12 piece minimum for our leggings.

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if you have any questions.

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